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Iowa Storm July 28 2023
An amazing storm blew through central Iowa July 28, 2023. The color of the sky is not photohoped. It was such an incredible array of colors and light. I felt like I was under a warm orange glow to the east but if I turned around to the west, the sky was a deep indigo blue. These were taken between 8 pm and 10 pm. As the lighting progressed, there were two and three strikes per second just facing south. But all around me were strikes. hundreds of them per minute. I couldn't even use my lightning trigger as there were too many and it couldn't keep up. so eventually I just manually held down the shutter and took many burst.
Preston Castle Cover Shoot & Zombie Bride
As a contributor to as a stock photographer, I took one of my models, Brittany Bassham, to Preston Castle in Ione, CA for a unique twist on a bridal shoot. I was going for a Miss Havisham theme. The eccentric woman who lived in a dilapidated mansion wandering around in her wedding dress, never taking it off.
Bodie Ghost Town
Still Life Photography
Soothing Meditative video shorts
Photoshop Compilations
These are some of my photo compilations and digitally painted images.
Eastern Sierras, Alabama Hills, Death Valley
Scenes from different years and trips along hwy 395 from Monitor Pass to Death Valley, the Alabama Hills, Mt. Whitney, Joshua Tree, Mono Lake, Bodie, June Lake, Convict lake, Twin Lakes
Watercolor Paintings and Other Art
These are some of my watercolor paintings. Some old some new. Most are originals, but some are inspired by wonderful artists I found on YouTube trying to broaden my very amateur skills. It is very therapeutic if nothing else. I am really enjoying watercolor.
Book Cover Imagery
These images are available for licensing from Simply search for "Caputo"
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