Welcome to my portfolio. Currently, I reside in a friendly, mid-western town of about 190 residents, in Eastern Iowa. I am originally California born and moved to Iowa a few years ago.  I am a contributing photographer for an international premium stock photography and illustration company. Where, every once in a while, I have the honor of one of my images becoming a book cover.  It is a lot of fun and very interesting work. I am able to let my imagination go where it wants. 

Before I moved to Iowa and semi retired, my career of choice for 33 years was graphic design, mixed with commercial photography. 
Later on, I dabbled in portraits and weddings but, I have to say, I quite enjoy my work today designing book covers. Almost to the point of addiction. That is now how I spend my time -- In my spooky basement stabbing teddy bears with scissors and playing with fake blood. Or setting up a teacup still life and illustrating a chubby little mouse napping on a spoon
As a professional photo editor, I dabble in a little digital photo restoration. I quite enjoy bringing back faded or damaged photos of loved ones present or passed. If you have a photo damaged in the recent tornado in Marshalltown, I can help.
A little tip: If you have a photo stuck to glass, DO NOT try to remove it. It can be scanned through the glass and restored and then reprinted. Trying to pull it off the glass can result in serious damage.
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